Siye Heƙe. Creator Of the MMEAMKAS Project.

Sopdet. Ancient Egyptian Goddess of the Sirius rise.

Sopdet. Ancient Egyptian Goddess of the New Year.

Anuket. Ancient Egyptian, Nubian and Sudanese Goddess of the Nile River, the Setet Island, and more specifically cataracts and inundation of the river.

Kālī/Kālikā. Ancient Indian Goddess of Time & Renewal-Annihilation.


The page theme consists of the following songs:

Siye Heƙe - Eretseretse Matory  ]

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Paranormal Essentials
Album | Compilation Of Singles

Siye Heƙe - Probability #58997 / Sendrasendra #58997



Environment & terrain alters, time warps, spiritual empty grounds, levitation, all happen.

Siye Heƙe - Etymology / Mihevitra



Theme about ancient cultures, astrology and symbology.

Siye Heƙe - Etymology (Reprise) / Mihevitra (Maranorano)



Theme about ancient cultures, astrology and proverbs.

Siye Heƙe - Pseudonym Approach / Marena Tokantrano



The personification of interior body parts (cells, muscle tissue, proteins, blood
elements and many others) as they interact in satiric ways.

Siye Heƙe - Common Sense / Fahazarana



Song of uncommon usual social events, portrayed in a funny way.

Siye Heƙe - Linear Momentum / Hatua & Hatima



Another song from the Paranormal Essentials compilation album.
The Creator of Tammyā meets Creator of Mmeamkas type of song.

Siye Heƙe - Indoctrination / Vintana Fady



A Paranormal Essentials prodigy, with a very resonant attempt to, for the first
time, really immerse the sound into an ambient alike atmosphere.

Siye Heƙe - Intuition / Matokeo Haraka



It doesn't get any deeper than this. An enforced enclosure of absolutely controlled
and contained tremendous panic, expressed in one song.

Siye Heƙe - Supernatural Introspection / Eritreritra



Depicting the nature of habitual immersion into feelings as forms of visions and
emulated abstract reality while the body is at rest. This is not about psychoanalysis.

Siye Heƙe - Absolutism / Fitsipi Pitondrantena Drako



A pinnacle of ethics and ideology made of a critical combination of the two
elements, on a biased simplified theme.

Siye Heƙe - Multiverse Borders / Nafsi Ya Dunia


- Version 1
razana/siyeheke__nafsi_ya_dunia2.mp4 - Version 2
razana/siyeheke__nafsi_ya_dunia3.mp4 - Version 3

The limitations of the spiritual world and boundaries of the cosmos are here
expressed in this second ambient dub approach.

Paranormal Esoterics
Album | Compilation Of Singles

Siye Heƙe - Automotive
Thought / Dhani Ajili


Aleatory imagery stimulated through the brain without controllable will, within the range of so called "bad thoughts" as well.

Siye Heƙe - Essence
Proximity / Lohavy Eritreretina


Song expressing a rare phenomena
of adhesion of virtual sensations in angulation of lightning, places or limited composition to memory or experience.

Siye Heƙe - Essence
(Odor Remix)


Song expressing a rare phenomena of adhesion of virtual sensations in smell to memory or experience.

Siye Heƙe - Extrasensory Subconsciousness / Eretseretse Matory


Event which occurs during half-sleep state. Rare / inexistent to some. The rationality degrees shift, consequentially the dimension of awareness alters.

Siye Heƙe - Auditory
Illusion / Gedrogedro


About sound not just in background of songs; Echoing through mind & totally strange songs appearing in sleep while waking up or slightly falling asleep.

Siye Heƙe - Awareness
Of Emotive Depth /
Fanahy Mihalohalo


Artistry regarding the notion of variations in mood and their meaning whether unorthodox or throughout extremely subtle variance.

Siye Heƙe - O.O.B.E. Experience / Lingasharira


Music about the capacity to adapt the body to emulate real-life senses such as touch, linear momentum, remote viewing, thermoreception, etc.

Siye Heƙe - Pseudo
Science / Ilmu Semu


The prospect and perspective of the glorious array of timeless and immortal pseudosciences.

Siye Heƙe - Ideasthesia
& Synesthesia / Manonofy Hevitra


A formidable range of sensations and perceptional basis characteristic of the advanced level of the Paranormal Esoterics.

Siye Heƙe - Criterion
Of Truth / Hakiki


Elucidative theme concerning the facets of
reductionism, determinism, intelligent design,
thought experiments & the multiverse all in one.

Secret & Rare Special Themes

Siye Heƙe - Wali Pendet



Lo-fi tempo house, a rare form of lounge music, combined with a polynesian aura, is the
most wished realm of life. A Creator of Tammyā tone, strangely, was a coherent try.

Siye Heƙe - Wali Pendet ( Team Remix) / 夏小寒东方舞



One of the most vital songs gets a thematic re-make inspired in X. Xia Han's
group of versatile bellydancing. Transcendental as revolutionary in flexible sound.

Siye Heƙe - Wali Pendet ( Team Snippet) / 夏小寒东方舞 二



The X. Xia Han's group inspired re-make is simplified unto a type of loop, while
maintaining the same advanced variety of sounds technique.

Siye Heƙe - Wali Pendet (Sopdet Remix) / سوبدت


- Version 1
razana/siyeheke__wali_pendet_sopdet_ranorano2 - Version 2 - Vr.1 Mirror 1 - Vr.2 Mirror 1

One would have wished forever gospel was like this... This song is quite the
method to exalt spiritual nature for an entire lifetime.

INFO: Downloadable Siye Heƙe music created 100% by himself, without loops. Some are free to listen, record, store, re-distribute or re-host, which have links.

The Exclusive Bonus Songs made by Mister Intensity Depth aka Siye Heƙe alter from team to team, including on the same very own local server. In these means, extras such as Mihevitra / Etymology's Abstract Return are present, by simply switching team page.

All the digital futuristic photo design edits
are made by Siye Heƙe. Models are used
for demonstration only.

Locations depicted as the scenery:

Namibia: Main Capital City
Namibia: Hakusembe River Lodge
Mongolia: Ulaanbaatar's Natural History Museum
Re-Designed As BW7400's Mongolia
Thailand: Pattaya Long Beach Garden Hotel & Spa
Thailand: Koh Tao Sairee Beach Of Naroua Villas
With South Africa's Main Buildings Re-Designed As BW7400's
Motora Thailand
???: Southern African Streets
Thailand: Kanchanaburi Bridge Of The River Kwai With
South Africa's Main Buildings Re-Designed As BW7400's
Motora Thailand
China: Random Factory
China: Garden Lightning Promo Spot As BW7400's
RAW Afro-Berber-Arab Region With Re-Designed Singapore's
Innovative Architecture Building Parts Morphed To Tunnels
Turkey: Random Turkey Night Spot As BW7400's
Mongolia With Re-Designed Singapore's Buildings
South Africa: KwaZulu-Natal Umhlanga Rocks

All the ambient/environment photography
was photographed by Siye Heƙe himself.
Except the photos 444, 445, 494, 502,
645, 646, 647 & 648.

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