Southeast Asian Doll, Southeast Asian Dancer, Southeast Dancer Idol, laotian Nakphääsaa, Southeast Asian DJ, Southeast Asian Star, Afro-Asian Doll, Afro-Asian Dancer,
Malagasy Idol, Malagasy Dancers, Malagasy Doll, Madagascar Doll, Borneo Doll, Malayalam Doll, Polynesian Doll, Polynesian Shoes, Madagascar Shoes, Blasian Doll, Blasian Dancer,
Blasian Cartoon, Madagascar Comics, Borneo Comics, Malagasy Comics, Polynesian Comics, Malagasy Cartoon, Maori Comics, Tonga, Comics, Dolls, Laos, Vietnamese Dancer.

These projections portray styles & creations totally made as concepts. They, so, are leaked
from Bahari Wakati according to new overwhelming performance of every Mmeamka trained
& adapted by the Creator of Weilaijingcha Rejeo.

These arts are meant to be perceived solely as Fan Art & Fiction. Models include:
Fnemnmya Heƙe ཐངམ ཨེཁ , Purevsuren Puujee Д. Пүрэвсүрэнгийн and Kay Lee 이 - 리
as model characters, and many others.