Order Of The 3rd Sect Xx
Self-cultivation is eternal honor & virtue

After centuries, we have come to embrace the New Future with the chosen emanant forces most harmonious in hegemony. Eventuality #71BCX5A315 - several strange 4th dimension related occurrences, is set to affect the original reality. Untoward is the sunrise, still remaining prominent in nature. Until variance in concordance demands the following questions: "Is the Bliss Theory even so true?", "Will oaths not cause many to venture unto the threshold limits of common deeds?". These are the questions which lead to the foundations of this cult sect. The prayer method is centered on execution of ceremonies attaining high altitude, in combination to the vertigo balance method. Inclusion and exclusion from the sect requires a visionary program of 6 months for physical re-adaptation, and eliminating visionary auras from the mind relative to the sect's ceremonies. Heterogeneous to this secret society is to cogitate harmony with innate empty spaces.

The Southern Monks Of Wraith
In the abyss there is a light...

The definition of avant-garde, flourishing as elemental spiritualism. Non-vacant feelings to sculpt toward. Using encrypted language as secret codes in the form of signs to inform, organize, conglomerate and hint. A vision rises from constant to parallel dimensions where effort is substantial, only, if ever endowed in incentive. Note how, abroad, this group is not standardized by solemn gambling in South Korea, even though it is not to deny the possibility of not considering this hoax! Here, the resonance plumbers for an illustrious group of importance originally for having found a gateway beyond a loop hole towards remembrance from the years 5355-5590. Nomenclature is a modality through random sort autonomous by free will, as in a whole, the most obvious subsides while subsequent to luck. To abdicate is forbidden, if one cannot constitute a double of years before departure. Opt, mighty ones complementary to this insignia, for incandescence to gloom modal logic sublime to eternal contextualization. To pursue rectification is highest pleasure.

Eye Of The Horizon Cult
None shall strive

Deemed some of the most invisible as quantitative amid reverential instances. This is a secret society of the most rare form. The use of incense is strongly suggested, as it creates an unprecedented boundary with the souls traveling on the different quotas of space of those meant to be, by selection, viable. Shall all remain adjacent, to seek & forge Optimal Truth! An incantation of the habitual costume of this astonishing emblem. Nevertheless, erudition welcomes ultra cautious guidance throughout progression in ways exclusive to this group of systematic individuals with an adaptive and unpredictable hierarchy confined to the Truth-Deceit-Contrive technique of experimental functional testing. The prayer methodology is destined to be measured by immersion into essence approach, premeditated alongside the diameter of the surrounding space with the eyes not enclosed within the spirit, unless using the Supernatural Introspection methodology while the body is at rest horizontally which is also strongly encouraged.

Famadihana 5400 Clan
Truth is an absolute

Once fate ought to revoke what is written, the epitaph of the ones no longer alive within the Earth's primary realm. Even before, the enlightened and destined for this neo-ceremonial regime are born, many of the secrets lying within this ordinance shall be revealed here with no sacrilege in regard of the disposition continuum stipulating a need for observational extension unfolding at multi-dimensional level. Veracity is what to seek for, is what to stand whether indoors or outdoors when crossing the Multiverse Borders. Despite sprouting per era, astern of any canonical reference is a result prior to inductive or deductive trial and error. The altitude of attitude predominates enunciated algorithms. A conjoined adherence will only depend upon elaborate request made from the clan members themselves, once then, removal to become an outcast ignites permanent extermination of the name of the user, meant to have a life and legacy no longer recognized by the clan.

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