DATA ACCESS POINT   #ccocc0 - 75359

This data illustrates some of the strangest activities to be known to be possible or to have been
reported in the cosmos. Viewer discretion is advised  - as it is known how this is far away
from Bahari Wakati 7400's boundaries. Click at image icons allows viewing data.

UNKLE - Burn My Shadow

Equiparated to a dimension of presumption beyond unmatchable
reckoning "might" be easy, within this solemn "lyric's purpose"

Limp Bizkit - Boiler

Starting as what appears to be a cinematographic
setting, into scenes of cartoons and a simulation of a concert.
How it is managed to be placed altogether is what is the question

BT - Flaming June

Revered by many as one of the greatest trance masterpieces
of all time, by a prominent producer of the genre. Stereotypical,
"very visual" in effects and more likely "less over stigmas"...

Moby - Bodyrock

An event seemingly illustrating how to
create a scene of extreme realism. Epic, but not really
to be called "dramatic". More like: No regrets!

LCNVL & Tailor - Dreamcatcher

The theme is very self explanatory. Pushing themselves
way further than usual for the sake of the moment

Wangechi - Cardiac Arrest

With eccentric belly motions of superfluous nature, some
spooky characters, mysterious objects and an intangible
background bird, likely to be those only seen to be known

Korn - Thoughtless

"Everything changes under the sun." Wait a minute...
No, that's not what the bible said

Faithless - Insomnia

Showcasing what apparently is a form of a cult
due to "some sort" of a burden

D'Prince & D'Banj - Give It To Me

Special effects engulf this act all around, bringing guest
appearances of afro popstars such as Brymo, Wizkid, Wande
Coal, Ice Prince, in make up. Bringing even a flashy war kid

Paul Oakenfold - Southern Sun

Talking about the title, it might mean just
directions. A transformation to a child and a depiction
of a runaway. Not to mention the unpredictable objects

KAZ - Run Run Run

A common Kapuka routine that ended up being Reggaeton,
presents the concept of a "Female Terminator", blending pictures
of the movie with a chase to hope love, is not, "as in" plagiarism

Culoe De Song & Chappell - Make You Move

The excuses to avoid the obvious reality of molesting
come embroidered with the need to make someone dance!
Possibly resilience is not so, shocking... after all.

Rosie Lowe - Worry Bout Us

A bevy of variations from a specific range of special effects
creates a constant breach on the condition of the entities
present & well visible here. Once... they could be paintings?!

Cassper Nyovest - War Ready

With a name inspiring already uncanny
nostalgia, this artistic scene reminds viewers of events
of the past history of protests, with a "rawly modern" outlook

Jaël - After All

Venturing to allocate... something... or perhaps someone...
The objectification, lyrics and time frame around here are
somewhat, over the top at lounging to be... polemical!

Asa - Fire On The Mountain

All this apparatus of a scenery is accompanied by very
controversial lyrics. Thus ecstatic, maybe. If someone wants
this to be way rather explanatory and visual...

Róisín Murphy - Ten Miles High

Róisín Murphy, correct? From the classic Moloko band?
Regarding the "transfixion" all these artistic moves do, not even
vigent in most men: Was she... just "kidding" in "Forever More"?!

Calvin Harris - Slow Acid

An "acid" and "slowness"... They both appear to be...
a very long way to go for this chromatic character

Faithless - We Come 1

One approximately transcendental state of mind within a
sedentary status composes perspectives of problems in reality
engulfed with poetry regarding... Surprise! Passionate love!

Massive Attack - Butterfly Caught

This look incites some "vintage phenomena".
The level of perplexity here is so high, that he
actually seems to be white, or maybe black, or maybe...

Henrisoul - Badman

If his name, jamaican slang and appeal to christian
faith aren't enough. Then, it is time to wonder who
is on the other side... Irrevocably puzzling spiritually

Faithless - Miss U Less, See U More

Presenting contradictory words within a song crossing the
visible events, consequentially creating a "fancy conjunctive
bogus", a statue becomes alive with "slight blemish"...

Bengü - Yaralı

From an improvised hospital, comes this turkish diva
as mystic and in braids... Amazing, right?! Mysterious black
water emerges, and "The Blisslady appears on an electric chair"

DJ Tiësto - Urban Train

What is the deal with levitating people, anyway?!
Quite sure this doesn't take some "three 6 mafia possessions"
to accomplish... Or... do such marvels really require that?!

Phyno - Yayo

A legion shines throughout the skyline, once
upon a day of machete rampages somewhere in Africa.
A 2D sword vs. the Devil, is "how" it finishes

Patoranking - For My Matter

These would be archenemies set themselves
on a journey for a heist. Foreigners? Apparently?!
It seems like only the coin "running out" would tell...

Massive Attack - Live With Me

Not everybody has that high of a tolerance / resistance
to alcohol. Very surprising with an "invisible black singer",
an untoward intro and immortal rolling on stairs skills

E.L. - Ayayaa

One strictly suggestive item disappears, and it
seems that... a cast is long after it. Now...
Will they... huh... "fight for it"?!

Alex Hwang - Ladyboy

One context giving the idea of what would
happen if a ladyboy would actually reveal only much
later, being not an ordinary woman. Not quite a cold sin ?!

Disclosure - Voices

Inertia, within "some forms of sublevation", masks, multiple
racial tones, a prison, a drum, eggs, and of course... relevancy!

DB Boulevard - Point Of View

These cartoons move & shine in emotions; life was given
to them. They apparent considerable concretion in this context
representing yet, a direct connection to the band

Robin Schulz & Francesco Yates - Sugar

These types of "stunts" are usually performed by Disco
. Not sure if this would even be described as something
with a so called good ending...

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